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Campsite Rules

Our aim is to provide a quiet, relaxed and laid-back campsite. Our site rules are set out for the benefit of all our guests, local residents and staff. Our staff and wardens are here to help and ensure the following site rules are respected and followed.

When you stay at the campsite you are agreeing to abide by these rules and understand that you and/or anyone else in your booking may be asked to leave the site if these rules are not followed.

Please ask a member of staff if you are in any doubt about our site rules.

Please follow all sign-posted speed limits when driving into / out of the campsite and on the camping site grounds.

When camping, there are a number of rules to ensure that all casino players have the best vacation. The purpose of the Camping Rules is to provide a quiet, peaceful and relaxed camping experience, as well as wheel of fortune tips whenever possible. Our staff and supervisors are here to help and ensure that online casino players adhere to the following rules while camping.

All vehicles beyond the access barrier, except those on EHU pitches, must park horizontally to the slope and be left in gear with the handbrake fully applied.

All vehicles must park safely and not be left unlocked or accessible for someone to accidentally allow the vehicle to move away freely.

All vehicle and motorcycle use must be kept to a minimum. If you use a vehicle unnecessarily, i.e. to drive to and from the toilet and washing facilities then you will have on-site vehicle access removed.

All vehicle access onto the camping field is at the site management's discretion.

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Playing any amplified music and percussion instruments is restricted. We do not allow loud music at any time or any music or disruptive noise after 10pm.

Anti-social behaviour and foul / abusive language will not be tolerated at anytime.

The use of generators is permitted subject to pre-agreement. Generators cannot be operated between 10pm and 8am.

We operate a blanket LOW NOISE POLICY from 10pm to 8am at the campsite.

Peeing and pooping! When you need to go please do it in our toilets not in the bushes, woodland or showers!

If you need to report an issue to a member of staff when the reception is closed, please use the emergency phone in the red box on the wall to the left of the reception entrance. This will connect you to the duty manager or site warden.

DO NOT light fires or disposable BBQs directly on the grass or in woodland areas. Always use an appropriate and safe fire container that is raised off the ground.

Fire is dangerous so ensure your fire container cannot be easily knocked over and is at a safe distance from other guests and tents so that they are not affected by smoke or in danger from heat and drifting embers.

A responsible adult must always be present if you have a fire. Never leave children unsupervised with a fire and always make sure the fire is burnt out before leaving it.

Only burn wood, please do not burn anything else. We sell seasoned logs, kindling and firelighters in the shop so please don't cut down or brake off branches from our trees.

All ash from fires and BBQs must ONLY be emptied into designated 'Ash Bins' or if you hire a fire basket from us, our staff will collect it when you leave. Hot and smouldering ash is dangerous and must not under any circumstance be emptied into the hedgerows, on the grass or into the general site waste bins!

The use of any portable gas appliance should always be in an area with sufficient ventilation. Never use a charcoal BBQ in a tent.

The group campfire areas are not for general guest use. They are locked so do not enter without our permission. Access is restricted to organised group use only. Please ask at reception for further information and availability.

We do not allow dogs on site except for registered guide dogs.

We provide clean, modern, well-appointed toilets and washing facilities open for our guests to use 24/7. Please use them respectfully and responsibly, leaving them clean and tidy after every visit.

Do not wash up cooking utensils/equipment inside the toilet blocks or directly under the drinking water stand pipes around the field. Stainless steel sinks are located outside the central toilet block for washing up.

Food waste should be put into the bins duly marked by the washing up sinks.

We pride ourselves in providing a clean, well-maintained campsite for all our guests enjoyment, so please do not litter the site with your rubbish; it is not only unsightly and unhygienic but attracts seagulls, foxes and other scavenging wildlife.

If you have rubbish, either take it home with you or use the general waste and recycling bins provided. Anyone found dumping equipment will be charged.

Do not overload the 16amp supply. We reserve the right to instruct campers to disconnect any electrical equipment that does not meet recommended electrical safety standards or cause supply overload.

Kingsdown Camping are responsible for the provision and safety of the electric supply and hook-up unit. It is the responsibility of the user to provide the connecting electrical lead, minimum 6m length, that must be safely affixed to avoid being a hazard.

To maintain a safe distance between units always set up on the left side of EHU pitches (a unit is a tent or any sleeping accommodation on wheels).

Only 1 unit is allowed per EHU pitch. Any additional units must be set up outside the 'no camping zone' see our site plan for details.

Departure should be no later than 12pm. Please ensure that you take all your equipment and belongings home with you, leaving your pitch area clear and tidy. Including all tent pegs, which cause damage to our mowers and serious injuries if left in the ground.

We reserve the right to remove anyone from the campsite that does not abide by these site rules.

Anyone who is asked to leave the campsite or that we know has broken our site rules will be blacklisted. This will not only prevent them from staying at the campsite again, but also include anyone else on that person's booking and others that may be associated to them.

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