Are pets allowed at the campsite?

NO. We do not allow pets at the campsite.

However, if you have a certified guide or assistance dog and would like to stay at the campsite then we will require supporting evidence before we can accept a booking from you. Most guide and assistance dog owners in the UK who are trained by organisations, that are members of Assistance Dogs UK, and will have been issued with an Assistance Dogs (UK) branded ID book. The ID book contains information about the owner and their dog and details of the training organisation who trained the dog and its owner. We therefore ask that you provide a copy of the relevant section from this ID book to confirm your dog’s authenticity.

The following rules will apply for an assistance dog:

  • Must be kept on a short lead at all times
  • Not be left unattended at any point
  • Poo must be immediately bagged and put in waste bins
  • We reserve to right to ask you to leave the campsite if your assistance dog has caused any disturbance to other guests.